Why bigredfro?

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Why did I call it bigredfro?

I’m not talking about puffed up red hair like some Jew fro. I’m talking real deal bigredfro. Imagine you took a basketball, painted it red, cut a whole in it, and plopped it on your head. That big! Yeah, it was the real deal. For reasons I had to buzz it off. Not everyday you can walk into a job interview rocking a 70’s Afro expecting to get the job. That doesn’t really fly These days.

I had a fro over 5 years ago and it lasted a long time. I don’t remember how long exactly but it must have been at least 5 years strong. I would cut it and then grow it back, or trim it. You can’t just let it grow to big. You have to keep it tamed a little. A little bit of shampoo and conditioner to keep it silky smooth and fresh. Maybe I will post a picture of it soon. There may even be a post of it on my instagram page but I’m to lazy right now to go and check. If you have some free time be my guest.

And that’s how I came up with the name bigredfro. Everyone knew me by my fro and funny videos but we can talk about my videos later.

Oh Yeah… If I could grow it back today I would. I would probably be looking for a new job if I did that too.