Who’s Getting The Boot?

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It has to be nerve racking for the bottom three. Getting relegated from the Premier League to the Championship League has to suck. Going from the greatest league in the world and next season not in it at all has to be heartbreaking. For the fans, players, coaches, fans and anyone involved would be upsetting for that particular team.

On the other hand watching teams fight for top four is just as exciting as watching reams fight to stay out of relegation.

There’s still five games left for every team and for some there are seven so anything can still happen. Of course that’s extremely tough for some but there’s still hope. So far it looks like Swansea City, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland are set to be relegated. Swansea still has a chance depending on what happens but Middlesbrough and Sunderland are going to have a much harder time.

Hull City is pretty close only ahead of Swansea by two points. Ahead of them are trailing Bournemouth and Crystal Palace.There’s enough games to still make a difference though. It’s interesting how close some teams are to the bottom. Crystal Palace is sitting in 15th place and they have a pretty good team. Zaha has had an incredible year, Benteke is solid, Townsend has really stepped up the last couple games giving them a boost, you have Cabaye, and still they sit close to the bottom of the table. The Premier League really is the most exciting league to watch.

Every game is crucial right now for each team. It.s worth watching every game that’s broadcasted! Middlesbrough and Sunderland pretty much need some sort of miracle to happen if they were to stay in the EPL. My thoughts are Swansea, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland are going to be relegated this season. I still think there is enough games to make that change. Well…atleast for Swansea but if it was set and stone I would pick them three right now.