Where I’m At Now

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What’s there to know?

I’m Brian. I’ll be 29 in a couple of months. Born and raised in Suffolk County, New York. Where I spent most my years. Pretty much all my years. Some call it the burbs. I Currently reside in New York City. Queens to be exact. Most people probably think New York City is only Manhattan but it’s 5 boroughs. Queens being one of them so technically I reside in New York City. I work as a salesman in NYC and I’ve been doing that for about 5 years. If you want to get real technical, I’ve been a salesman since an early age. From selling videos in high school, to t shirts out of my car up through college, and then eventually getting that dreadful 9 to 5. I’ve worked various jobs and tried starting businesses on the side but I won’t fill my whole life story in one blog post. That would never end and drive you crazy. I’ll just space it out so you have to read multiple posts.

I assume you’re thinking what do I sell, if not I will tell you any way. I work for a distribution company and sell food items. It’s a decent gig. You need to keep moving forward so you get ahead of your competition. Keep learning and mastering your skill. Like Mark Cuban said “work like there is someone working 24-hours a day to take it all away from you”.

I also started doing this blog in my free time and posting some funny stuff. Or whatever I find on the internet that seems interesting. I hope enjoy it all! If you have any ideas or questions send me a quick message. My posts will be a lot of back and forth. I don’t want to start from day one and lead up to the present time.