What’s With The Weird Layout

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This blog post is similar to the random pictures post. That’s if you read that post. If not, hopefully you’ll read it. So before I started this blog I bought a theme for this site and I was making a different site. A little similar but not a hundred percent the same thing. The website wasn’t working to much. I was actually about to shut it down so I wouldn’t have to pay for it any more. By paying for it, I mean the hosting and what not. It’s not a ton of money but it’s something to put back in my pocket. I said to myself. Why not just try blogging and see where it goes. Give the site another shot. It’s pretty cool trying something new and it gives me something else to do with my free time that isn’t to expensive.

The theme has a lot of cool features and you can do a whole bunch of stuff with it. Im not sure if you like this layout or not but I think it’s pretty cool. Some feedback would be sweet but it’s alright. There are dozens of features that come with it. Lets get to the point. I bought this theme and figured I should use it since I already paid for it. Try and use all the features or as much as I could at least and get my moneys worth. No joke, there’s so many features. I’m almost sure I still don’t know them all. Probably some awesome ones to.

So I tried putting together an appealing layout and throw in some other content. I tried not boring you with a simple layout and all. Not just a blog. Try to spice it up a bit. With some funny pictures, funny videos, and of course the blog. No ones let me know yet if it’s funny or not so I wouldn’t know. I think they’re funny so I assume they’re funny.

Well that’s it folks. That’s why the layout is all random. Until the next post…