What Is ih?

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If you read my earlier blog post you would have noticed I used this two letter word “ih”. You may have also asked yourself “what does that mean?”. Ih originated over 10 years ago and it is still used heavily today. Well maybe not heavily, but it’s used by me at least. Ih means “it happens”. Started by my brother and his group of friends way back when and quickly spread to my friends. We used ih for many things. Like “ih bro”, “lol ih”, lol that’s me laughing then saying ih, or even a simple “ih”.

It quickly became its own little slogan or term you could say and kind of built its own brand. When we made videos we called them ih videos, we tried starting a clothing line and named it ih, but had to rename it to ihwear. At one time we had a website ihwear.com. It’s no longer around but you get the picture. Ih was used for a lot of things and now you know how it originated. Maybe we can bring a little life back to ih and get it going again. Who knows, it may just be a forgotten term that’s never used or just used by our small circle of friends. Hashtag #ih on your social media posts and I’ll check them out. Let’s see where it goes if goes any where at all. Maybe I could do a whole post on hashtags of ih.