Welcome To Vegas

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Before I begin this blog journey. Some of this was written during the experience and then the rest I tried filling in the blanks from memory.

The first time I’ve flown by myself.

Vegas. Scared out of my fucking mind right now. Waiting to get on the plane. They started boarding early and I waited a little bit before I got on. Then I figured I should just get on. Bad decision. There’s so many people waiting to get on and I could have easily waited a little longer. That way people would have sat down before I entered the gate. I could have breezed right to my seat.

Don’t you hate it when you’re on line and people stand right behind you. Like moron we are going to the same place. You standing directly behind me won’t get you there faster. A miserable looking person to. I wonder if they know I’m writing this as they stand directly behind me. They’re kind of to the side. Right behind me a foot to the right.

Well I made it on the plane and we took off. I’m flying virgin America. I was hyped up because of all the good things I hear about virgin airlines. I was checking out the website to see what they offer and what not. I guess I didn’t see the little writing where it said you had to pay for every little thing on this flight. I thought we would get some free movies, free wifi, USB connection to plug in my phone. There was a bunch of stuff they showed on their site. I thought it would make the flight that much better. Think again. You get none of that. Well if you pay some extra bucks you do. Extremely over rated airline. I forgot to mention. They charged me $25 to bring on a suitcase. That was another surprise. I’m flying jet blue home. I’ll let you know how that goes. By the way the guy next to me is all sorts of fuxed up. He must have taken some pills or something cause he nodded off 15 minutes into the flight and then all of sudden he woke up randomly with an hour left till we landed.

One weird ass flight but I made it to Vegas…