Wayne Rooney Rookie Card

Wayne Rooney is the greatest Manchester United striker of our time. This is 2017 in case you didn’t know. Rooney has the most goals scored for Man Utd beating Bobby Charlston by four goals. A great leader on the field and off. Once he steps on the pitch he changes the whole momentum of the team and game. Not many players can do that. It’s really incredible when watching a game that he’s in. 553 Appearances and 253 goals scored for United. Rooney sees the whole pitch when playing. A great scorer, great passer, and he can rip the ball into the back of the net.

Wayne may not have the best ball control or foot skills like Cristiano Ronaldo but he is a key player in the center of the field. He plays as if he was a quarter back. He sees the whole pitch and knows where to put the ball and when to put the ball. His pass placement is on key and makes a lot happen.

Wayne Rooney Rookie Card Front


The Wayne Rooney rookie card is a Topps Premier Gold from the 2002-2003 collection. This was when he played for Everton but was signed by Manchester United the next season. Rooney signed with Man Utd on August 31 2004. He started out as a striker through most of his United career but later played as a centered forward or center attack midfielder. He controlled the game. Playing attack but also coming back on defense making some huge defensive plays. Almost as if he roamed the whole field playing freely. When you are at that level and such a great player you can play all over the pitch.

What a rip Rooney has. He could take a shot thirty yards out and put it in the back of the net making it look easy. One of his most memorable goals was when he scored against Arsenal while playing for Everton. When I hear his name I still remember the announcer saying “Roooooney, remember the name Wayne Rooney”. One of his greatest goals of all time not including his bicycle kick against Manchester City. That goal was definitely his best goal. One of the greatest goals in Manchester Derby history.

He made is first debut in the Premier League at the age of 16 scoring his first goal and being the youngest Premier League goal scorer of all time. When Rooney debuted for Manchester United he scored a hat trick against Fenerbahce in a Champions League game. As of August 26th 2017 Rooney has played 558 games and scored 323 goals. If you are a soccer card collector the Wayne Rooney rookie card from Topps Premier Gold is a great card to have.

“I grew up an Everton fan, my whole family are Everton fans and I grew up hating Liverpool. And that hasn’t changed.”

-Wayne Rooney

“For me, Scholesy’s the best footballer England has produced in my time. The way he controlled games, pass the ball, saw things that other players didn’t see; it was a pleasure to play with him and United were lucky to have him for so long.”

-Wayne Rooney