Vegas Comes To An End

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On the way home. It’s been a wild fun filled four days. I can’t wait to get home though. The three hour time difference really messed me up. Haven’t slept much in a couple days and I need to get some sleep.

I’m taking JetBlue back. Much better experience then Virgin America. The whole vibe is better. It feels much more friendlier. The crowd seems cool and friendly. Everyone watching the cowboys lose and every time the cowboys mess up they’re all getting riled up. It’s pretty funny. Must suck if there is a cowboys fan on the flight. We have free wifi which is awesome. I’m not secluded from the outside world. I fancied myself and got a dewers. The seats and stuff are pretty old but it doesn’t bother me. They have a tv which is a plus. You don’t need much more then what they provide. Good channels and some good movies playing. Over all it’s much better then the virgin America that I took to Vegas.

This trip was really awesome. I so want to come back to Vegas. There is so much to do and really didn’t have time to do much at all. Most of my free time I spent walking around because each hotel is huge.

Until next time Vegas