USA Is Back!

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United States Men’s National team crushed it last night. They are a changed team now that Klinsmann isn’t coaching. I thought Klinsmann would have done a good job as coach but he really let me down. Jurgen kept pushing the same strategy every game and didn’t change it even though it wasn’t working.

Hopefully Bruce Arena can change everything around and after last night I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I haven’t seen the USMNT look that good since Donovan has been gone. Putting in 6 goals and not conceding any is a great improvement. Honduras isn’t that good of a team but still. Dempsey put in a hat trick. Pulisic with two assists and a goal.

Dempsey’s volley from Pulisic was a great link up.

How about that pass!

Christian Pulisic was definitely the man of the match. He changed the whole offense and made them look so much more creative than in previous years. Going 1v1 to 2v1, the kid has no fear and he showed it last night.

Lets not forget about that free kick from Dempsey. That was great!