Those Random Images

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What’s up with all the weird images.

I put a lot of random images up with all my blog posts. The theme that I use allows you to put images with each post. I could choose to put no images at all but then it shows a grey box. Thats kinda boring. So I decided to add images to each post. Some of the images don’t make any sense. Thats fine. What makes sense any more? I take a lot of pictures of random stuff. From places I’ve been, things I’ve done, pictures of my dog, and the list can go on. So why not post a random picture of something I took. Thats pretty much why I choose random pictures for each blog post. They’re just random pictures I took through my life journey. It also wouldnt be to appealing if you saw grey boxes through out the whole site. Stupid blog post by the way but maybe you were wondering.

I also find it cool to see pictures you’ve never seen before. Its amazing how you can see an image or a video from across the world.