The Vegas Venetian

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So I’m staying at The Venetian. This is the most insane shit I’ve ever seen. From the shopping, to the architecture, to the food. It’s unreal. Never seen anything like this. It’s like a mini world inside a gigantic hotel. The theme is Venice so they have this water stream that goes through the middle of the hotel. You can take this quick gondola trip through the hotel. Never the less everything is so pricey you can’t do a fucking thing here. It’s still totally cool. They paint the ceiling as if it was the sky. You almost think it’s daytime but it’s pretty much bedtime. They probably want you to think that so they can take all your money. The scenery is really unreal. The whole inside looks like you’re in Venice.

All I want is a quick diner and a bottle of liquor. But somehow they suck you into all this entertainment. It’s kind of working. I’ll just get my ass to the food court and order some room service on top of it. Can’t fool me. Way to many choices. They’re out of their minds. Makes you want a little bit of everything.