The First Videos

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I actually wrote a whole blog post for this but I never saved it. That sucks, the post might not be as good now. Maybe it sucked any way or none of my posts are good…ih

So I made a bunch of videos before I started my youtube page but I don’t know if I could dig them up. No clue where they are now. Don’t worry if I find them I’ll put them up. Some of them were pretty epic and some not so much. My first youtube page was ihredemption and I recently started my new page bigredfro. I’ll be posting most of my videos onto my new page but give me some time. It takes so much time and effort to do it.

When I started posting some videos on youtube I let all my friends know and it actually started to catch on a little. People in my classes started watching them and they were even throwing them up on the projectors in classes. It was pretty sweet but I wasn’t famous, not even a little. Would be pretty sweet if I was though. One of my first videos was the “Chair Prank”. Where my little bro sat in a chair and it completely collapsed. Before that I did sit in the chair and it collapsed on me but I put it back together so it still looked normal and filmed my bro sitting in it. I put the camera some where hidden. It was so long ago I have no clue where but it worked. He sat down and it totally fell apart. Was pretty classic.

Another one was “Dancin Dean”. It was another classic video. My friend and I were just bored one night so we decided to make it. Dean does have some pretty epic dance moves. We still think about making a sequel today, just for the heck of it. There was a time we went into a local store and the dude behind the cash register said to him “are you dancing dean?”. We were locally famous, not really but I like to think so. It was funny at the time. Still pretty funny thinking about.

I would love to make some new videos as well but it’s hard to think of something good. I don’t wanna waste your time. Most of the videos on the internet are actually time wasting now that I think about it. Maybe I’ll waste a little bit of your time if I think of something decent to film. I’ll try posting some new videos as the time goes by or I’ll just think about doing it…