Ten Best Home Workout Equipment

Ten Best Home Workout Equipment

Ten Best Home Workout Equipment

Not everyone has time to get to the gym on a regular basis with your 9 to 5 or going out with friends. Working out at home is much easier then spending every day at the gym for an hour and then driving back in forth in traffic to be at the gym. Especially when you have the necessary equipment to do so. I put together a list of what I think are the ten best home workout equipment that will get your swell on so you can get ripped and lean.


Exercise Mats

balancefrom puzzle exercise mats with eva foam interlocking tiles

The first thing you want to have are some exercise mats. You’ll need a surface to work out on and something to lay your equipment on so that you don’t scratch up those nice floors you have. BalanceFrom makes puzzle exercise mats with eva foam interlocking tiles. They come in a couple different thicknesses and have different sizes if you need to cover a larger space.


Workout Gloves

workout gloves

Next you want to get some gloves to prevent from damaging your hands or to help prevent from getting blisters. These workout gloves come in all different colors and sizes.


Foam Roller

exercise foam roller

An exercise foam roller is good to have. They come in many different sizes and lengths. The roller is good for massaging muscles, reducing pain, tension, or soreness. It’s more rewarding with every roll.


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are essential for working out core muscles. There’s so many excercises you can do with dumbbells that would work out the same muscles if you were using expensive work out equipment. Plus it will save you a lot of money. Bowflex makes one of the best adjustable dumbbells on the market and you could get a stand for them as well.


Weight Bench

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Weight Bench

A weight bench is a great investment. If you want to work out at home and get the same exercise in that you would at the gym. You want a weight bench. The CAP Barbell Deluxe utility Weight Bench is a great weight bench to get. It’s is fully adjustable so you can work out in all different positions and work all different muscles. You will get full use out of their weight bench.


Jump Rope

Focus Fitness Gear Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump roping is a great exercise for cardio and speed. If you don’t have the space indoors you can go outside or in the park to take full advantage of the Focus Fitness Gear Adjustable Jump Rope.


Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar

An upper body workout bar is great when trying to build up your core upper body. This Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar is a great product. You attach it to your door to do pull-ups and chin-ups. Then you can lay it on the ground to do push-ups, dips, and crunches. Working out your whole upper body.


Suspension Trainer Basic Kit

suspension trainer basic kit

This is an all inclusive basic training kit to get a full body work out in. This package Includes TRX Suspension Training Strap, TRX Suspension Anchor, TRX Door Anchor, best-in-Class 35 page full-color TRX Workout Guide & Two Bonus Workouts. Get a full body workout at home or on the road. TRX makes some of the world’s best training equipment, workout programs, and education courses.


Dual Grip Medicine Ball

SPRI Dual Grip Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are great for working out your abs. If you’re working on building a six pack for the summer this SPRI Dual Grip Medicine Ball can come in handy. It’s also good if you’re trying to work out other muscles as well. You can get a medicine ball without the grips but I prefer having the grips. You can have a lot more control with the grips.


Exercise Yoga Mat

GoYoga exercise yoga mat

After everything is done and you got your full work out in. It’s time to take out the yoga mat. I recommend investing in a yoga mat. You can use it for stretching, doing some yoga, and meditating. Meditation is great for the mind, body, and soul. You can do quick meditations every day and feel great afterwards. Relax and zone out from your hectic day! Invest in a GoYoga exercise yoga mat. Do yoga at home or take it on the go with there carrying strap. It also comes in other cool colors.


chick on yoga mat


I hope this helps and comes in handy. Stay fit and stay healthy!


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