Taking A Turn Into Entrepreneurship

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I’m going to add some more content to my blog. I want to try and give you some information on entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing. I don’t own a multi million dollar company and haven’t started the next Facebook. Actually most of things I’ve tried have failed. I can definitely tell you what not to do.

I have started multiple businesses in the past 12 years in a couple different categories and with some of my expertise I hope to help you in your entrepreneurial journey. Just because the businesses I’ve started haven’t grown into big companies doesn’t mean the knowledge won’t help you. I hope to give you some ideas, help you prevent mistakes that I have made, and give you some new skills. I won’t get into to much detail about what I have done on this post. I’ve given brief information on that in some of my other blog posts and I will give you more as I post more.

A quick intro. I’ve started a clothing line, multiple different websites, and I’ve been doing sales in New York for many years. I’ve read tons of articles. Tried so many different business techniques. From Marketing, to sales, to production. You name it. I’ve probably done it.

Stay tuned…