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It is amazing how difficult it is these days to move out of your parent’s place. Don’t get me wrong, I love living at home. From home cooked meals to free laundry, it is the ideal spot to live. Although there are some things that I just cannot stand anymore. Oh, and I also love my parents by the way, they are amazing human beings. But like any other human being sometimes you just got to tell them to “shut the f*ck up”. Let me continue, I eat chicken about five out seven times a week. I love chicken, but it has overstayed its welcome. My mom will try to trick me by changing the chicken recipe’s, but in the end its still chicken mom. My parents rarely move from their spots in the living room, they both have their “chairs”. Their ass prints are on the couch cushions. It’d be nice if they would switch it up occasionally. My mom is an expert solitaire player, she plays for about…well until she passes out. My dog barks like a lunatic at the slightest sounds. Every Saturday morning, he freaks out because my dad exercises, my dad puts on the same white shorts every day to exercise. Jeter (my dog) just does not like those white shorts. Also, I am a Mets fan, but somehow, we ended up having a dog named Jeter. I always tell my dad that Jeter doesn’t love me. I have two brothers and they both moved out. One is married and the other is engaged. I don’t have anyone to really chop it up with here anymore besides my roommates. However, I did get my one of my brother’s huge TV, so, that’s a plus. I am not saying I have a bad life because my life is amazing. Some of you are probably saying to yourself, “is this kid serious”. Obviously, all of this is a joke, but sometimes change would make life just a little bit more interesting. On a good note, we have our annual St. Patty’s Day party tonight. It is a chance for us all to act like hooligans and appreciate our Irish heritage. So, with that I say Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Give your pops a nut tap for me.