Stop Trying To Tell People How To Blog

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Stop blogging shite. I’m so tired of seeing blog posts on how to make money writing a blog. It’s like everyone is a marketing genius becoming a millionaire writing a blog. You’re not fooling anyone. Well maybe you are fooling some people. You wouldn’t be doing it if you weren’t. It’s crazy. All you see is stupid blog posts on how to write blog posts. Everyone is a blogging mastermind. Just write a blog. Get your head out of the gutter. Literally, I search “blog” and all it is, is other blogs telling you how to make money writing a blog. Then your thinking to yourself wtf am I doing wrong. I’m writing a blog and doing everything you tell me. I ain’t making shit and still I get two visits a day on my blog.

Let’s all start a blog on how to make a blog. That makes a lot of sense. Fuck man, how many people are going to tell me how to write a blog? If we all listened to you and wrote the same exact thing. We would have a whole blog community full of blogging millionaires. That’s not a blog. A blog is some random, stupid stuff you come up with and post. It usually makes no sense. It’s words we put together when we’re bored and have nothing better to do with our time. Something we think makes sense but in reality it doesn’t. It’s words we put together of random musings.

Are you people actually making money off this? I should start a blog and tell everyone to give me five dollars and if you gave me five dollars you will be rich. I can’t find any good blogs because of this. I search and search. “If you follow these 5 tips you will get hundreds of thousands of viewers”. You have it all figured out, don’t you? I’ve been doing it wrong all along. Get the fuck out of here! Get a real job and be useful. Contribute something to mankind.

Look at this. I made a blog post on people writing blog posts on how to write blog posts. It’s ludicrous. If you have a good blog just shoot me a message. I don’t need to read any more blogging tips on how to be a professional blogger.