How I Started Off With The Videos

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My parents used to have this big ass video camera. You know the one that you recorded everything on VHS. Some of you may not even know what VHS is. We got blue ray now! We would carry a camera around in this huge briefcase. People probably thought we were important or we had some secretive shit in there. Times sure have changed with the go pro that films in HD and fits in the palm of your hand. I eventually saved up to buy a new camera and went through about three more since then.

I was always the one friend that bought around a video camera. I wore a backpack everywhere I went and in it was my camcorder. Maybe some other essentials to like a six pack cause I was cool af but that was to long ago to remember. I got my backpack, my camera, and we were on our way to be famous.

Me and my friends were regular kids and did stuff that kids do. Mostly stupid stuff and pranks but other stuff to. We would film it all and some of it was pretty funny. Then YouTube came around. At the time I thought it was so cool. I can make videos and post them on YouTube. So I made my YouTube channel and started posting videos on it. I became the guy that was always pranking his parents or pranking any body really and got it on camera. Some of the content wasn’t just pranks but other stuff to. Mostly comedy based stuff though. CKY and Jackass was a big influencer. I’m sure everyone around the country started filming stupid shit and pranks on one another because of Jackass.