Sometimes I Read

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If you asked anyone I know if I’ve ever read a book before. They would probably laugh. But in fact I have read a book in my days. Not many books but some. Now everyone had to read books in high school. Lets rephrase that. Everyone was supposed to read books in high school. We all know most of us read the cliff notes. I know I did. I’m not judging.

The only one I think I remember is “Of Mice And Men”. I’m not to sure why I remember that one but for some reason I do. There must be a point behind making us read that but who knows. I definitely don’t know. I’m sure most of us don’t know why we had to read it. Or the teacher explained to us why and I wasn’t paying attention. All set aside lets get to the point. I’ve read a couple books since high school and by a couple I mean not that many. The three below books I’ve read and there are a couple more. But these three, were actually pretty good and I would recommend them to someone looking to read some books.

The first one was “Call Me Ted”. For those of you that don’t know this one. It’s about Ted Turner. At one time he was the largest private land owner in the US. Owner of the Atlanta Braves, he started Turner Broadcasting Systems, and much more. Lets not get into to much detail. Don’t want to spoil the book. Quick and to the point, it’s a good book. Tells his life story, his accomplishments, and pretty much everything he has done since an early age. Especially if you’re into the whole entrepreneur thing. I would definitely recommend it.

The second book is “The Virgin Way” with Richard Branson. A must read and I still remember quotes from that book like it was yesterday. He’s built a gigantic company from nothing and I’m sure everyone has heard of him or about him at some point. From Virgin Records, to Virgin Airlines, to his private island which is totally sweet by the way. I would so not mind spending a weekend there and many more amazing companies. He believes in putting the customer first before anything and customer service to him is one of the most important things for a business. If not the most important thing! If you had to choose one of these three books to read. Read this one first. He quoted in the book “The most meaningful thing on your business card is your name and your contact information. The title beneath it says nothing about the level of respect you deserve from the person you hand it to. That’s all down to what you say and do.” That quote has stuck with me since I read it. If you are a sales man, a business owner, or anyone at all. That quote and action will go a long way. That being said. Read his book. It’s worth it.

The third and last book of this post is “How To Make Friends And Influence People”. Again another great book. This one is by Dale Carnegie. The book will open up your mind on how you look at life and other people. A great book and it taught me a lot. There are a bunch of Dale Carnegie classes as well if you really want to get into it. The title says it all. It teaches you how to talk to people, how to respect other people, and how to pretty much make friends.

Well there you go. Three awesome books that I’ve read and definitely recommend to check out. Hopefully I’ll read some more books. I don’t wanna to stop here. By the way I do have another book lined up that I want to read. Well a couple books. Maybe I’ll write another blog post about them. But until then…check those books out and let me know what you think of them.