Six Essentials For Fantasy Premier League Draft Day

Fantasy Premier League Draft Day Essentials

There are only Seven days left until the start of the 2017/2018 English Premier League! If you have not yet drafted your fantasy team, you will likely do so in the days to come. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your draft. The key essentials to drafting the ultimate fantasy Premier League team.


1. Research, Research, Research, and More Research.


When its comes to draft preparation research is key. You need to know what player to pick up in each round. You also need to prepare for the many times that the player you intend to pick up is snatch up but someone before. You will not have time to think during the draft, you need to act. You will need to have you list of desired players before the draft begins so it is important to research the players, the teams, the schedules, and maybe even rumors about their personal lives that may have an impact on their performance.

The easiest way for you to make use of your research is to break down your list of players into categories. I think it helps to make a short list of players that you want to choose. These are the players that will go within the first few rounds, so you definitely do not want to wait.

It may also be helpful to have list for (i) solid players (guys that will consistently put up some points each week whether their team overall wins or loses the match); (ii) sleepers (if you don’t know what sleeper is, check out our last post); and (iii) keepers (while a keeper will not make much of a difference over the course of the season, you should definitely have one that starts every match).


2. Sleep.

A good night’s sleep is key. You need to have your mind focused and zoned in on the task at hand – drafting the best possible team that put you at the top of the table. The night before your fantasy draft make sure that you get to bed at a decent hour to ensure that you will be well rested when the time comes. If you are having trouble relaxing try listening to some relaxing music, maybe meditate for a few minutes, drink some herbal team, do whatever you need to wind down for the night.

3. The Outfit

Your outfit is key. You need to walk into the draft in your battle gear. You can never go wrong wearing the jersey of your favorite Premier League team. Feel free to accessorize with you favorite gear – hats, scarves, high-top socks and of course, a pair of Adidas Sambas. You can always go all out, like this guy…



4. Time to Get Pumped

After you have assembled the perfect outfit, it is time to get pumped up. The best way to get pumped up is to watch highlight videos of your favorite players, while blasting some epic tunes. Once you have have watch a few highlight videos and yelled some of your favorite chants, you will be pumped up and ready for anything the draft throws at you. 

5. Trash Talking

Trash talking is a vital component of the draft. Your friends are going to try to knock you off your game and through off your focus. You need to  be prepared be be on the receiving end of trash talk. You also need to be able to throw it back just as quickly. ‘Yo Mama” jokes are a classic example of trash talking. Yo mama so dumb, she put her watch in the bank to save time. Just remember not to take the insults too seriously, it is all just in good fun. 


6. Have a drink and Celebrate

The final and most important draft related tip – have a drink. You are sitting around with your best mates, having fun and bonding over your love for the greatest sport in the world. Once you have successfully drafted your championship team, grab and bottle and pour your self a drink. You’ve earned it. 

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