Other Business Journeys

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Making videos was the first thing that I started to get into but it wasn’t the last. I’ve started a couple businesses over the years. Although I don’t work on them any more, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. One of the first businesses was a clothing company. I started that with my brother and a couple friends. We were making funny shirts at the time with funny slogans and funny pictures. We also made some sweatshirts and hats but for the most part just shirts. I won’t go to deep into the story because it would be to much for this post. Maybe I’ll write another post about. Most likely I will.

I made a couple websites as well. I started “nimclick.com”. It’s no longer around. It was a customer homepage site where you would set your homepage as Nimclick so when you open up your browser you would have all your favorite website links right there and you wouldn’t have to type in the URL. It had a little bit of traction. Nothing crazy but the concept was cool. You were able to choose all different website links and it saved you from typing in the URL. We even made a couple videos for the site, almost like commercials to help promote it a bit. I also started up bubbam.com. That sites up but I don’t use it. I probably have something random on it now because from time to time I will put something on there randomly. It was similar to a YouTube. I would just post tons of videos that were trending. I thought I was the next YouTube. Yeah, that didn’t work out as planned. If I ever think of another idea that I can use the domain for I’ll try it but for now it will just sit there. At least the name bubbam is a pretty cool name for a website. That’s one reason I still have it.

Now I put more focus on bigredfro. Blogging and stuff, posting videos and pictures. It’s pretty cool. More of a hobby or something though. No clue where I’m going with this. I’ll end this post on that!