More Of Vegas

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Vegas is insane. If a Vegas trip isn’t on your bucket list. You should definitely add it. Add the Vegas trip to your bucket list! It’s not all about gambling. There’s tons of stuff you can do here. Between the shows, shopping, restaurants, and so much more. They have everything you can think of. The buildings and infrastructure is incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. I also haven’t been to a lot of places but that’s besides the point.

I walked around most the time. From hotel to hotel. Each hotel has their own theme going on and they’re like mini countries inside them. They’re huge! I checked out the Caesar’s Palace. Was tempted to ask the concierge if Caesar stayed there. Caesars is huge. Took me an hour to walk from one side of the building to the next. I stopped by harrahs, the Bolasio, the Flamingo, and a couple more. The buildings are wild. When you’re driving in and just looking at the scenery, buildings, and stuff, it’s sick. You get the adrenaline like the Hangover when they’re pulling up to Vegas. Seeing it all for the first time. It was pretty awesome. I so gotta go back.