Merry Christmas!

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This is part of my christmas day video countdown. I wanted to change the title and put Merry Christmas since it’s Christmas Eve and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. They are both videos that I made years ago. They still make me laugh today. One was made on Christmas day and the other was made on Christmas Eve. I guess I can put this in the blog part of my site. It’s kinda like a blog post. I bring to you two amazing pranks. I don’t know how my parents did it. Three boys…

The first video is the “Fake Lotto Ticket”. This one was filmed on Christmas day many years ago. My mom actually came up with this prank. By the way, not me or my brothers knew about it. Give all of us fake lottery tickets so we thought we won $10,000. My little brother fell for it but my older brother and I were still sleeping. We weren’t able to get that reaction on camera. I was next up but I didn’t end up falling for it. What are the odds I will win $10,000? Come on, couldn’t get me. But my older brother was the last to wake up and guess What? He fell for it. And we got him good!

The Next video I have for you on this day full of holiday spirit. Is the “Smashing My Parents Gingerbread House”. This is one of my favorite videos of all time. A classic! This one even made it on a couple tv shows. We have a yearly tradition of buying a gingerbread house and when the whole family gets together. We all sit around the table and smash it like a bunch of animals. Pretty weird tradition but an awesome one. It started from when my uncle was a teacher and his students bought him a gingerbread house. My uncle had a Christmas party with all his students and everyone was talking about how nice the gingerbread house looked. My dad who is younger had this brilliant idea of going up to it and smashing it in front of his brother and all his students. Wish we had that on camera. That would be amazing. Well that’s how the family tradition started. So on Christmas Eve I went into a bakery and found a gingerbread house that looked like the one my mom bought for that year. It must have looked pretty similar since we got my parents good. I got this brilliant idea of buying it and smashing the one I bought as a prank. It all worked out pretty sweet and I got it all on camera.

Dad – “Were’d you get that one assholes!”

Merry Christmas you filthy animal!