Liverpool And Manchester United Taking On Injuries At A Bad Time

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No club is happy when one of their players gets injured. Especially when the standings are as close as they are. Its crucial to have your players fit right now. First Sadio Mane took on an injury for Liverpool and you can see it’s hurting them. Mane has been a big part of their central midfield this season. He took on a knee injury and now has to have surgery missing the rest of the season.

Recently Rojo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have taken on injuries. Rojo is out for the season and Zlatan may be out for a while. Some are saying maybe a year. He’s had serious ligament damage and will be undergoing surgery. This may affect his future with Manchester United. His one year contract is up this summer and hasn’t yet extended it. Although he may be out for a while Ibra won’t let this injury be the end of his career. He took to Instagram to let everyone he will be back and better than ever!

Both Manchester United and Liverpool have taken on some set backs. It comes at a crucial time when both teams are fighting for top four. It will be harder more then ever as we get closer to the end of the season with less games to make up points.