Leicester To The Quarterfinals Of Champions League

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Wow! Leicester going into the quarterfinals of Champions League. Truely amazing. Never thought they would have made it this far. This is further then Arsenal have made it in the past seven seasons. With Manchester City taking a loss three to one to Monaco yesterday with an aggregate of six to six, Manchester City lost on away goals and was booted from UCL. Leicester City is the last Premier League team battling it out in the Champions League.

Leicester have had a pretty easy schedule compared to some of the other teams but still making it this far is unbelievable. Meanwhile they sit at 15th place in the Premier League with seven wins, six draws, and fourteen losses. Starting off the season poorly, to firing Ranieri, and having a rough time just staying afloat in the EPL, who would have thought they’d be the last EPL team to make it this far in the Champions League.

Leicester made history last year by winning the EPL and it would be great to see them make it to the UCL finals. It’s definitely a long shot but anything is possible. LCFC could end up making history again this year.