Fantasy Talk: Learn The Lingo

This is for the newbies. Your bro might say your squad is solid this week or you swooped that player off the waivers. You need to know the lingo or you’re going to look at your friend with a blank face as if he’s speaking a different language. English Premier League fantasy is its own world and with that comes its own language. Learn fantasy soccer lingo!


1 – sleeper – A Player no one expected to do as well as they did and ends up putting up big points

2 – swooped – When someone swoops in and takes a player you wanted to pick up off of the waiver wire

3 – Solid – “My team is solid”, “My squad is solid”, “(Strikers name) is solid”. You get the picture. Solid is referenced towards a player, a squad, and so forth.

4 – Squad – Your full line up. All your players is your squad. Your team to the side, to the back, and your team in full is your squad.

5 – Do Work – When it comes down to crunch time and you need those couple points to win this week’s game you say “do work”. You scream at the tv while the last games of the weekend play so you can pull it off.

6 – Bagged – Bagged is used when you’re talking about a player getting some assists or goals. “He bagged two goals this week”


I will update this as the English Premier League Fantasy Soccer lingo increases.

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