Lack of Motivation

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In the last couple of months, I have been eagerly searching for a new job. Oh and I always get the same question from everyone. “What do you want to do?” Next person who asks me that, their hand is being put into a blender. Joke obviously, but stop. Anyway, my main goal is to find a job in the city. I want to work in the city because who doesn’t want to work in the city. The night life, the girls, and just the overall environment. Even though some areas smell worse than my balls after a long sweaty run. But that’s where I want to end up. Now don’t get me wrong. I know it is not easy to find a job right after college unless your little Jimmy who had five internships throughout college and networks like a raging whore. But, recently I got turned down by a company, which I will not say the name of, because I “lack motivation”, which I completely disagree with. I’m from Long Island and the commute to the city is not the most fun commute. It’s about an hour or more commute, plus the time on the subway and a long with the walk to the building. Listen… I came all the way to the city for you to say, “you lack motivation”. I took the LIRR with a bunch of smelly degenerates with zero leg room for you to say, “you lack motivation”. I saw a man passed out in his own puke and elbow deep in his pants on the subway for you to say, “I lack motivation”. I saw a man dressed up as a woman telling everyone that walked by he’s extremely pretty, for twenty minutes straight for you to say, “I lack motivation”. I saw one rat eating another rat which could be a form cannibalism, I have no clue, for you to say, “I lack motivation”. I get it. The commute and the actual interview are completely different. But can you imagine the mental state I was in before I even got to the interview. I never been in war let alone the military, but I was not okay. So, I leave you with this. I still want to work in the city, I’m still unemployed, my parents want to murder me, my parents can’t retire, but if you want to work in the city, wear horse blinders. It is a silly world out there. Oh and that company can blow me because I’m motivated as f*ck.