Intro To The Stop Saying Soccer Blog

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Our Football Blog will be where we will post random items that don’t fit into our other categories and general updates. Our posts will include what we are up to and a little bit of ranting. We would like to interview other football enthusiasts and football freestylers.

If you notice a particular trend starting to emerge with our blog posts, we will likely create a new separate category. I know the site is called Stop Saying Soccer, but we will be using “soccer” and “football” interchangeably. We’re still getting used to saying football…

We will also have a separate section called InstaSoccer where we will post all of our pictures. We will also be featuring pictures from our followers, so feel free to send us any images that you would like us to share. You can also tag us on Instagram, @soccerwastaken, to be featured. While you are at it, check out our account ! @SoccerWasTaken and follow us. Cheers!