How ihwear Started

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By the way I started a clothing line called ihwear because of that single slogan “ih”, with my brother and a couple friends. A couple teenagers trying to live that dream of owning their own business. We had high hopes! We had no clue what we were really doing either trying to sell shirts and stuff but let me take you through it. I’ll try to give you the short version. I don’t wanna write a book here.

We came up with the idea when we were about 17. The idea was to make funny shirts and start selling them. At first we were going to start it with us and this guy my brother knew. He had a recording studio with a couple different artists. We were going to make the shirts and he was going to do the music. The idea was thrown around for about a year and we all met up a bunch of times to work on it. That slowly fell through and we separated from the music side of it. We then decided to work with just us friends. Started throwing around some ideas and came up with two shirt concepts. Had 200 printed up and we were on our way to the next big thing. So we thought. We sold them pretty much to friends, people we came across, and out of our cars. This was all new to us. Not a clue how to run or start a business.

It caught on a bit in school and we sold some shirts. Nothing to crazy. While doing this whole shirt thing, we were going to school, working on the side at various jobs, and still making videos. We used the videos we were making to help promote the shirts. Some cross promoting. After a little while we decided to step up our game. Not so much really. We bought some of our own equipment to the shirts and we started making shirts in my parents garage. That’s where many great businesses start, right?

We went back to the drawing board and came up with some more sweet designs, put them on some tees, and we were off. We had the website up. Sold a bunch of shirts on the site. It was the hustle and ambition that really got me into it. Loved starting a business and trying to make something of it. At that time we had about 15 different designs. Dozens of t-shirts in boxes stored in the basement.

We didn’t sell a ton of shirts but for knowing nothing at all about starting a business we did decent. At least I think we did. Heck we didn’t even know anything about fashion or actually selling clothes. We went into stores and sent out emails. Did anything to try to go to the next level. It just didn’t make it there. Most of the shirts we sold were either out of our cars or online. We put a ton of time and money into it. It was awesome while it lasted and those experiences. Those are priceless. I would have never learned from the experience or done what it took if I didn’t give it a try. Of course I miss it but you move on to the next venture…

I still dream about the dream today…If anyone wants to get into the shirt game let me know. I’m always down.