History Of bigredfro

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The history of bigredfro. I started bigredfro around 9 years ago. It was never meant to be a blog of any sort. I was rocking the afro at the time and figured I would just get the domain bigredfro.com. Why not? I had a red afro that was big so might as well get the domain. No one else was rocking the bigredfro.

So now I had the website domain but wasn’t sure exactly what to put on the site. I put some of my videos on there, linked up my shirt website to it, and posted some pictures of other people that had afros. I mostly used it just to have a site to showcase my videos at the time. So the site was pretty much a showcase for my videos with some other random stuff that didn’t make much sense. It was like that for 4 or 5 years. After that I never ended up renewing the domain and the site went off line. This is what it used to look like if you were wondering. You probably weren’t…here it is any way.


Of course there was more to the site but that’s the only picture I still have.

A couple years later I was thinking of making another site and was wondering what to name it. I said why don’t I bring back the old domain bigredfro. That’s what I did. I got back the domain and went on to build another site. I wanted to make a site where I would post funny and interesting videos I found on the web. It was cool for a while but keeping up with all the trends while working full time was tough. I didn’t have enough time to search the web and find everything. After a while it slowly died down and I wasn’t really posting. Guess you could say I was bored and lazy. I got a couple hits to the site here and there but nothing crazy. I didn’t put the time in and lost interest.

Now a couple months of not really posting or putting up a post here and there, I was thinking. I got the domain and site up, why don’t I do something with it. I said to myself. I’ll start a blog and see where it goes. I still don’t know what I’m doing with it or if i will lose interest and never post but for now it’s a blog. I could post if I want and if I not, I guess it doesn’t matter cause it’s my blog. Ill try to keep everyone entertained and if you have any cool ideas, videos, or pictures send me an email. Or if you wanna just drop me a line that’s cool to. I’ll take a look at it and respond.

Thanks for checking out the blog, enjoy, and hashtag #bigredfro everywhere.