I Got Google Home

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Google home greater then amazon echo

Now I couldn’t tell you which one is better. I’m not here to tell you which one is better. Even though the Google Home is better in my opinion. I recently bought a google home and it’s pretty sweet. I don’t own an amazon echo. I always wanted to get an amazon echo but it was $180 that I didn’t feel like spending. Then google home came out. $50 cheaper. The price could just be because it’s recently came out. and they are trying to get some new customers. Or there just trying to take some new customers from amazon. Either way it sounds better then $180. It got my attention.

It was definitely worth it. It’s pretty awesome. “Hey Google, play pump up music. Google Home: Okay here’s a playlist from Youtube”. And the music begins. Thats not the only thing Google Home can do. You can ask it questions. Like, what’s a blog or what’s the weather like for today? And google responds. So cool. Right?

You can connect some smart home technology to it. Light switches, thermostats, surveillance cameras, etc. You can tell google to add items to your shopping list so when you go to the store you have the whole list hooked up to your smartphone. If you don’t know what a word means. No worries, Google Home will tell you the meaning. It’s that simple. Google Home is your personal dictionary. Want to set an alarm. No problem. Google Home will set an alarm for you. You want to set a timer when your french fries will be ready or you want to wake up at 8am. Google Home has you covered.

It’s still very early in the beginning of Google Home and there will definitely be some more add ons, more sophistication, and tons of more things that Google Home will be able to do. You have to be patient. It’s the beginning.

It even remembers your name if you tell it. There isnt really any reason for it to remember your name but it’s something Google Home can do. You get the point. My favorite feature is asking it to play music. It can grab music from your spotify account or youtube music. It makes it much easier to play music. Almost like the way to play music for the lazy person.

So there you have it. Google Home is awesome. I’ll end it there. I don’t want to make this post to long. More features should be coming out. If I Figure out any cool features, I’ll let you know.