Getting Into Some Podcasts

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Podcasts. For those of you that aren’t familiar with podcasts, podcasts are audio files that you can download and listen to on the internet. People talk about different topics or anything really. I’ve recently started listening to podcasts because I do a lot of driving and don’t wanna listen to music the whole time. If I’m not listening to something I get bored of the complete silence. Well you have the outside noise. No one wants to hear that all day. I also got into them because I thought I could learn some new stuff. I tried a couple different podcasts but some of them were boring or the topic wasn’t interesting. A lot of them are prolonged as well. Maybe cause the producer is running out of stuff to talk about and they do it to waste time. I’d rather listen to one great podcast every week then a couple alright ones. It’s a waste of time if they suck. Sometimes it may even take some time to find one that you like. It took me a while to find good ones. I did some research and stuff but it was still hard to find something worth wild. A lot of them are filling you with useless shit.

But I’ve found two that I really enjoy. “Short Story Long” and “Mama We Made It”. Both are awesome and if you’re looking for some entrepreneurial advice or want to hear some real life stories. They are definitely worth a listen. The guys that run it are real cool and down to earth dudes. They bring on great speakers and entrepreneurs that have been through hell and back. I think they are all pretty good friends to. Which is cool.

“Short Story Long” I heard about through social media. It was started by Drama who is well known from the shows “Rob And Big”, “Fantasy Factory”, and his clothing line “Young And Reckless”. I’ve been watching those shows since I was young. Drama brings on a lot of great entrepreneurs and simply cool people. It’s very inspirational, the stories are great, and you’ll leave with some fire to make you wanna go out there a conquer the world.

The other podcast “Mama We Made It” is another awesome one to listen to. It’s ran by these two guys Anoush Moin and Joe Rausch. I started listening to them because they were on the “Short Story Long” podcast. I’m glad I did to. These two are both cool, nice, down to earth guys. Popping jokes here and there, getting into deep convos, and bringing on all different types of people. They bring to you great stories of individuals and their journey’s to success. Don’t get them mixed up with the other podcast “momma we made it” when searching for them. I have no clue what that other one is but it’s not them.

Both podcasts are awesome and definitely worth a listen! So check them out even if it’s your first time listening to a podcast.