My First Blog Post

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Why I started this blog? I would say I have no clue and that I have nothing better to do but there has to be some sort of reason why I started it.

1. I’m bored out of my mind and tired of wasting time watching movies and tv shows constantly.

2. Most hobbies are so expensive and I have no money for them so that’s out of the question.

3. Why not? Maybe something will come out of it.

Now I’m not really sure why I chose to start a blog. Why not start the next social website and compete against facebook. For one thing, trying to compete against facebook is almost impossible and it will cost you a couple boat loads of money which I don’t have boats full of cash parked on my private dock that I don’t have either. Most of my friends wouldn’t join the facebook wanna be website even if I wouldn’t stop bugging them and if they did join, it would be so I would stop bugging them. So in the end I would have a facebook wanna be website with my friends that are the users that don’t use it.

A blog seems much simpler and interesting!