EPL Fantasy Talk Intro

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Considering that we here at Stop Saying Soccer are huge football enthusiasts, fantasy football is a must. We have been playing English Premier League, aka EPL, fantasy football for about six seasons. We started off using the EPL fantasy league site for the first five years. This season we switched over to Togga and the league has become much more competitive and exciting.

If you’re into EPL fantasy leagues and are not familiar with Togga, you have to check it out. It is a much better platform and using a completely different scoring system than the one used on the EPL website. Togga also has a draft, so that Sergio Aguero or Diego Costa aren’t on every single team. It actually requires strategic planning.

My favorite part of Togga is that there are not automatic substitutions. The EPL site would automatically substitute a player from your bench if someone on your starting lineup didn’t play. Whereas with Togga, if you aren’t paying attention or forget to check the lineups and end up starting someone who doesn’t play, you are SOL. I think that this keeps you more engaged in your team and the league. You can trade players and stuff. It’s awesome. You can check out the full list of rules on their site.

The fantasy league discussions and posts on Stop Saying Soccer will all be based upon Togga. I am sure that it will be helpful for other fantasy leagues as well. The posts will be on a weekly basis, letting you know which players had a strong performance and which players wished they had stayed on the sideline. We might generate a lineup of the players that we think will put up the most points in the upcoming week. I know it’s already more then half way through the season but we’ll start it up now anyway. Next season we can get it going from the beginning, evaluate some of the transfers and make predictions for the season.

Like I already said, if you are into EPL fantasy league you should absolutely check out Togga. You will not be disappointed. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I just really like the platform. Cheers.