English Premier League Top Midfielders of 2016/17

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I was thinking about putting up the top four or five midfielders of the season but I thought it was better if I put a bunch of the top scoring players. There were so many good midfielders this season I figured it was better. It’s always hard to say who the best players will be and sometimes some players end up performing much better than others. I present to you with the top seventeen highest scoring midfielders for the Premier League 206-17 fantasy season.

Breaking it down for you.

Hazard – 627 points

Eriksen – 617.5 points

De Bruyne – 559.5 points

Sigurdsson – 524 points

Alli – 491.5 points

Coutinho – 469 points

Ozil – 452 points

Pogba – 425.5 points

Barkley – 418 points

Zaha – 416 points

Milner – 415.5 points

Lanzini – 393 points

Son Heung-Min – 384 points

Silva – 373 points

Mane – 371.5 points

Antonio – 371 points

Mahrez – 370 points