EPL Top Keepers Of 2016/17

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The Premier League has some amazing goalies. I believe the epl has the competitive variety of goalies in the world.

Hands down I think De Gea is the best goalie in the world right now. Even though he didn’t have the most points in fantasy, if he had a stronger defense to support him he would have had more clean sheets.

Cech is a legend and still playing at such a competitive level. Courtois is really evolving into a great keeper. When Chelsea let Cech go for Courtois i thought it was the wrong decision but today it would be tough to say. I’m not sure if I would pick Courtois over Cech. Courtois is younger with more years ahead of him now but Cech is still so good.

Heaton saved Burnley a lot and had a great season. I wouldn’t have thought he would have put up the most points this season in fantasy. Pickford is another goalkeeper who played amazing and now he got traded with a huge price tag with it. That was a great pick up for Everton.

Schmeichel following in his dad’s footsteps who was a great keeper for Manchester United in his time. Great season last year winning the epl title as well. Had another good year.

Lloris is solid but you also have to give credit to the Tottenham defence. They have an amazing defense who really help hold in the back line.

EPL Top Keepers Of 2016/17

Heaton – 301.75 points

Lloris – 260 points

Cech – 247.5 points

Pickford – 244 points

Courtois – 220.5 points

Schmeichel – 211.75 points

De Gea – 205.75 points