English Premier League Top Defenders OF 2016/17

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Some defenders put up some serious points this season. Chelsea had a solid defense this season helping them win the Premier League title. That’s why three of their players were most likely in the top 4 for the season. Alonso a new arrival who played great and Azpilicueta who’s been with them for a couple years had a great season. Cahill’s been in the EPL for a while now and has had a couple good seasons.

Walker another solid defender for Tottenham drove up the side of the field many times putting in crosses and creating a ton of plays. He was solid for most of the season. He did have some injuries but if he hadn’t he most likely would have put up many more points. Vertonghen was another solid defender for Tottenham.

Otamendi the only one I put up here for Manchester City. They were switching around the defense a decent amount this season and trying different things. Baines was out for a good part of the season but he’s been solid when he is in the game. He’s been putting a big amount of points for the past couple seasons. Always a good pick up for fantasy. McAuley helped West Brom out a lot as well. Another solid defender this season.

Top EPL Defenders of the 2016/17 Season

Alonso – 410.25 points

Azpilicueta – 385.75 points

Walker – 354.75 points

Cahill – 333.75 points

Otamendi -326 points

Vertonghen – 321.5 points

Baines – 319.5 points

McAuley – 316 points