Gameweek 37 2016/17 Weekly Recap

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As we get closer to the end of the season we are starting to see who the top four are set be. Liverpool couldn’t come away with a win but luckily Manchester United took a big loss. As United race for top four to make champions league next season it looks like winning the Europa will be the only way.

Teams are starting to make up those games they missed so we had a lot of double games this week.

(G) – Cech – 17.5 points
(D) – Jagielka – 31.5 points
(D) – Bellerin – 29.5 points
(D) – Azlilicueta – 38.5 points
(M) – Coutinho – 45 points
(M) – Sane –34.5 points
(M) – Ozil – 29.5 points
(M) – De Bruyne – 32 points
(F) – Sanchez – 47.5 points
(F) – Giroud – 47.5 points
(F) – Jesus – 46 points