Gameweek 35 2016/17 Weekly Recap

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Pretty slow Saturday for fantasy. 4 goals scored out of 5 games. We did get to find out the first team to get relegated this season which is Sunderland if you didn’t know. Sunday was a bit slow as well. Not to many goals scored this weekend.

(G) – Jakupovic – 20.25 points
(D) – Cahill – 25.25 points
(D) – Keane – 19.5 points
(D) – Smith – 22 points
(M) – Eriksen – 19 points
(M) – Magic – 21.5 points
(M) – Sigurdsson – 24.5 points
(M) – Lanzini – 19.5 points
(F) – Kane – 16 points
(F) – Aguero – 23.5 points
(F) – King– 26.5 points

Adam Smith from Bournemouth put up 22 points this week. He hasn’t done to much this season but had a couple big games. I’d consider him a sleeper. Tarkowski was another sleeper with 18.5 points.

Another big week from Keane as well. A signing by Burnley from Manchester United. There’s talk Man United Signing him again.

Trippier got another start as well. I mentioned him a couple weeks ago. He’s been getting some more playing and has been playing good.