Gameweek 34 2016/17 Weekly Recap

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Hopefully you had a couple players with double games this week. Manchester United, Crystal Palace, and Middlesbrough all had double games. I thought there would be some more points because of the double games but Manchester United players did put up big points.Even so there was still a decent amount of points put up. Let’s break down the top players for this week.

(G) – De Gea – 28.25 points
(D) – Davies – 25.25 points
(D) – Darmien – 21.5 points
(D) – Bailly –26.75 points
(M) – Hazard – 25 points
(M) – Pugh – 27.5 points
(M) – Eriksen – 23.5 points
(M) – Herrera – 24.5 points
(F) – Martial – 36.5 points
(F) – Costa – 37.5 points
(F) – Benteke – 33 points

Pugh from bournemouth put up 25.75 points this week with a goal and an assist. Darmien and Bailly have been stepping it up for Manchester United’s back line. If you can pick them up now’s the time. I would kind of consider Martial a sleeper. He hasn’t played much this season but has tremendous skill. He started for United the last two games and made a significant impact. I’m sure we will see more of him for the rest of the season with Ibrahimovic being injured.