Gameweek 32 2016/17 Weekly Recap

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Sorry I missed game week 31. It was a short week, so many games, and I didn’t have time to write a post. This past weekend was pretty wild. Everton put up 4 goals, Manchester United put up 3, Chelsea 3, Tottenham 4, and Crystal Palace beating up Arsenal today winning 3 to nil. A decent amount of goals being scored as we get closer to the end of the season. Let’s break down this week’s top players.

(G) – Lloris – 19.5 points
(D) – Shaw – 25.75 points
(D) – Trippier – 31.75 points
(D) – Jagielka – 24.5 points
(M) – Zaha – 29.5 points
(M) – Mirallas – 26 points
(M) – Son – 30 points
(M) – Townsend – 34.5 points
(F) – Lukaku – 26 points
(F) – Ibrahimovic – 24.5 points
(F) – Sterling – 26 points

Romero had a big game for United as well putting up 16 points. He’s been one of the best backups this season. Although he hasn’t played many games, when he does he has a good game. Luke Shaw was a big sleeper. He had a great game yesterday.

Delph hasn’t played much at all for Manchester City this season but he came in on Saturday and did work putting up 20 points. Scoring a goal and making some big chances.