Email Signatures Are Important!

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An email signature is what is at the bottom of your email after you have written it. It’s usually a “thank you” with your “name”. Very simple but effective at the same time. You don’t need to put to much detail into it but I would definitely recommend adding an email signature to every email that you send. I looks professional and gives the reader on the other side of the email your title or brand awareness. You can add your social links, your website, job title, anything you want really. I go with my name, website, and social links as you can see from the picture above.

All you need to do is go into your email settings, and go to email signatures. They will give you options depending on what email provider or service you are using. I set mine up on my Mac. It was a little more difficult then if you are using outlook. Once you add some text you can drag in an image off your computer into the email signature and it will place it where ever you drag it. Then you can right click it and it will give you an option to add a link. You put in the URL to your social web link and it will set that image with the URL. Now when you send an email. Your signature will be at the bottom and if someone was to click on your Facebook link for example. It will take them to your Facebook page and so on.

That gives you a brief intro in to the email signature. It will make you look more professional and at the same time hopefully help build up your social visibility.