Email Opt In Forms

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A post on email opt in forms.

Since i recently did a post on email signatures. I figured I should tell you a little about email opt ins and email sign up forms. I can not stress enough how import emails are. To any blog, business, newsletter, any website what so ever. Emails are the most important thing if you want to reach your audience. They are more important then Facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat, and so on. More important then social media all combined. Emails are important!

When you get a users email, it is extremely valuable. If you use an email effectively your viewer will get your message directly. And of course it’s not 100% effective but it’s a better chance then throwing up a Facebook post. When you send them an email it gets to them! The physical message gets to them!

So you are asking yourself. Why is this email so important. Let’s go into depth. I won’t get to crazy about this. I want you to actually read this post and if I make it to long you won’t. Yes, I’m sorry. the average person doesn’t want to read to much. I just wasted a lot of your time on three sentences. I’m sorry again.

So say you post something on Facebook. You may have 100k likes on your page. That’s cool. Not all of those people actually saw it. Cause some people actually have lives. Yeah, I got a job and shit and so do 90% of your readers. They’re most likely not going to see that Facebook post. But, and heres the catch. If it lands in their email they’re going to have to see. Maybe not the first day, or the second, but eventually they will have to see it. It doesn’t delete magically. Unless you are some magician. Maybe 1% of your readers are magicians. The other 9% saw your Facebook post because they have nothing better to do. What happened to the other 90%? Yeah, they’re still doing shit. That’s why emails are so important.

Social media and their algorithms have changed. Not everyone sees your posts any more but they most likely see your email. If they actually care about your content they won’t opt out of your email newsletter either. They actually want to see it.

And to get to my final conclusion. You need an email opt in form on your website. Even if you send out one email a month. You have a better chance of getting it seen then posting on some social media. People that give you their email are actually interested in the stupid shit you say. So make an opt in email form. And please, do not send them stupid shit. Cause then they are going to opt out of it and you just wasted their time and yours. Time is pretty valuable. Don’t waste it.

I think I just gave you the most valuable content you could ever think of. And it was free.

P.S. Look at my email opt in form. Very simple and effective. You only need their email. Don’t ask for any of their other information. It will be more effective if you don’t ask for their name either. You can put something like “subscribe to our mailing list” or “subscribe I won’t send you stupid shit”. What ever you want to put but you need an opt in form. It’s a must.