8 Inspirational Quotes

eight best inspirational quotes

Get motivated, get inspired, read these eight inspirational quotes.


mark cuban quote

“Work Like There Is Someone

Working 24 Hours A Day To Take

It All Away From You.”

– Mark Cuban


eric thomas quote

“When You Want To Succeed

As Bad As You Want To Breathe,

Then You’ll Be Successful.”

– Eric Thomas


albert einstein quote

“If You Want To Live A Happy Life,

Tie It To A Goal.

Not To People Or Things.”

– Albert Einstein


jordan belfort wolf of wall street quote

“The Only Thing Standing

Between You And Your Goal

Is The Bullshit Story You Keep

Telling Yourself As To Why

You Can’t Achieve It.”

– Jordan Belfort



muhammad ali do not quit quote

“Don’t Quit. Suffer Now

And Live The Rest

Of Your Life As A


– Muhammad Ali


richard branson quote

“If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You

They Are Too Small.”

– Richard Branson


rocky balboa quote

“The World Ain’t All Sunshine And Rainbows.

It’s A Very Mean And Nasty Place,

And I Don’t Care How Tough You Are,

It Will Beat You To Your Knees

And Keep You There Permanently If You Let It.

You, Me Or Nobody Is Gonna Hit As Hard As Life.

But It Ain’t About How Hard You Hit,

It’s About How Hard You Can Get Hit

And Keep Moving Forward.

How Much You Can Take And Keep Moving Forward.

That’s How Winning Is Done.”

– Rocky Balboa


rudy quote

“In This Lifetime,

You Don’t Have To Prove Nothing To Nobody,

Except Yourself.

And After What You’ve Gone Through,

If Yo Haven’t Done That By Now,

It Ain’t Gonna Never Happen.”

– Rudy


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