David Goggins On The Joe Rogan Podcast

david goggins joe rogan podcast

The Joe Rogan podcast is awesome. If you listen to podcasts and haven’t checked it out you need to get on that because its great. He brings on amazing people form athletes, comedians, actors, scientists, and very accomplished people who have done some great things and who’ve been through so much in life to get to where they are today. The stories, the accomplishments, the knowledge, its all worth the listen to broaden your mind.

Recently Joe Rogan brought on David Goggins for episode 1080 and its mind blowing. If you don’t know who Goggins is I’ll give you a quick summary. Goggins is a retired united States Navy SEAL who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s ran numerous ultra marathons, he’s a triathlete, and is the former world record holder for the most pull-ups done in 24 hours. If you read the book “Living With A Seal” with Jesse Itzler David Goggins is that seal.

Davids story is so insane you’ll be mind blown. Goggins story almost sounds fictional its so wild. He overcame so many obstacles and accomplished so much in his life. If you don’t feel inspired, if you don’t feel motivational, if you don’t feel like you can go out there and accomplish anything in this world after listening to this! There is something wrong with you and should go back and listen to it till its engraved in your brain. Goggins is a true hero and a great inspiration.

The David Goggins Joe Rogan Podcast is two hours long and worth every minute!