Cladio Ranieri Gets The Boot

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Leicester City coach gets the boot. Ranieri didn’t win the Premier League and make history or anything. No big deal. After a treacherous start to the 2016/2017 season Leicester City have had enough of Claudio.

It’s always the coach to go first. As if he’s the one on the pitch scoring and saving all the goals. Pretty incredible how the last four coaches to win the Premier League were gone the next season.

Roberto Mancini – 2011/2012 with Manchester city – sacked

Sir Alex Ferguson – 2012/2013 with Manchester United – retired

Jose Mourinho – 2013/2014 with Chelsea – sacked

Claudio Ranieri – 2014/2015 with Leicester City – sacked

Either way the guy makes history and gets the boot. Yeah Leicester has had an awful season so far but how are you going to give the boot to a coach when a team made history like they did. Mind blowing.

Amazing farewell video dedicated to Cladio Ranieri.

Jurgen is just as confused as all of us.