What Is Fantasy Soccer?

What is fantasy soccer? Unfortunately, not everyone has had the distinct honor of learning about soccer and fantasy sports at a young age. As a preliminary...

Classic Training Ground Stuff

[youtube] I don't watch to much of the MLS but this one is straight out of the play book. They must have practiced this...

Keane Got Jokes

Robbie Keane plays the water bottle prank on his son. You cheeky bloke Keane. Poor little fella. [youtube]

Best Own Goal!

[youtube] Minnesota United's goalie might have scored the best own goal of all time last time.

Iceland Commentator Goes Ballistic

[youtube] Iceland Commentator goes ballistic when Iceland scores in the Euro Cup.

Eric Contana Is Awesome

[youtube] "Will Griggs On Fire" is the best thing from Eric Contana since he dropped kicked a Crystal Palace fan in 1995. Contana would...

Chinese Cup Match Gets Out Of Control

There is only one Karate Kid but a player on Wuhan Hongxing lays down a nice karate kick! Wuhan Hongxing VS Jiangsu Suning turned into...

Irish Fans Chanting On

[youtube] Irish fans in Paris chanting on some French guy while he stands on his balcony above them.

Irish Fans VS Hungarian Reporter

[youtube] Well this is a first!

David De Gea Is SOOO Good!

Amazing saves from David De Gea so far in 2017. De Gea is top five if not the number one goalie in the world. Great...