When The Beat Drops


80 Year Old Kills It In Karaoke

[youtube] John Hetlinger at 80 years old kills it in karaoke singing Drowning Pool "Bodies". This guy seems like the ultimate drinking buddy and...

Bringing Down The House At Graduation

[youtube] JP Wallace crushes it at his high school graduation singing his version of "7 Years". My graduation was the school principal telling us...

Father Son Duet

[youtube] Father and son sing a Frank Sinatra duet in the car.

Uber Driver Drops Bars Like Eminem

[youtube] How do I book this Uber driver to take me to my next destination. Dylan Montayne Drops raps with his car full of...

Barney Gets Money

[youtube] Barney went from your everyday kids favorite tv show to droping hot fire in the booth. Barney raps the Notorious B.I.G. "Get Money"

Insane Fiddler


Bear Got The Moves To Justin Timberlake

[youtube] Everyone take notes. This is how you perform an epic dance video to the one and only Justin Timberlake. "Got That Sunshine In...

Lonely Island…Merica

[youtube] The New lonely island song finest girl is so Merica