Bob Marley On The Voice

[youtube] Bob Marley reincarnated himself and went in The Voice. Mitchell Brunings sang Redemption Song on The Voice and it sounds exactly like Bob...

When The Beat Drops


Barney Gets Money

[youtube] Barney went from your everyday kids favorite tv show to droping hot fire in the booth. Barney raps the Notorious B.I.G. "Get Money"

Lonely Island…Merica

[youtube] The New lonely island song finest girl is so Merica

Bringing Down The House At Graduation

[youtube] JP Wallace crushes it at his high school graduation singing his version of "7 Years". My graduation was the school principal telling us...

Dozens Of Musicians Play Seven Nation Army

[youtube] This is awesome! 15000 people, and 1000 musicians play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes at Rockin'1000.

Insane Fiddler


Q Train Tearing Up The Drums

[youtube] Q Train is epic on the drums. Covering Lady Gaga Just Dance.

Celebrate The Release Of Star Wars Rogue One

For all of you Star Wars fans out there and everyone should pretty much be a Star Wars fan because it is the greatest...