Bringing Down The House At Graduation

[youtube] JP Wallace crushes it at his high school graduation singing his version of "7 Years". My graduation was the school principal telling us...

Father Son Duet

[youtube] Father and son sing a Frank Sinatra duet in the car.

80 Year Old Kills It In Karaoke

[youtube] John Hetlinger at 80 years old kills it in karaoke singing Drowning Pool "Bodies". This guy seems like the ultimate drinking buddy and...

Bob Marley On The Voice

[youtube] Bob Marley reincarnated himself and went in The Voice. Mitchell Brunings sang Redemption Song on The Voice and it sounds exactly like Bob...

Uber Driver Drops Bars Like Eminem

[youtube] How do I book this Uber driver to take me to my next destination. Dylan Montayne Drops raps with his car full of...

Lonely Island…Merica

[youtube] The New lonely island song finest girl is so Merica

When The Beat Drops


Bear Got The Moves To Justin Timberlake

[youtube] Everyone take notes. This is how you perform an epic dance video to the one and only Justin Timberlake. "Got That Sunshine In...

Insane Fiddler