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How To Mess With A Security Guard


Honk If You’re Horny Prank

[youtube] Dude this is classic. Got me laughing my ass off. Honk if you're horny prank by angry dad on YouTube is amazing.


[youtube] This dude sure is different. WTF just happened! Roller skating in a convenience store. Who does that?

How To Keep The Kids Busy

[youtube] Wait for it! The ending is the best.

Pothole War Zone

[youtube] This guy really lets you know how bad the pothole situation is in Youngstown Ohio.

Dropped My Hot Pockets

[youtube] Bullets flying, ducking, and dodging...Dropping hot pockets. It's getting real!

When You’re Trying To Get Big Fast

[youtube] There is always one out of the week that you have to work out every muscle in your body to get big quick....

English Is Such A Beautiful Language

[youtube] But really, where is he going to put his weight?

Electric Needs Some Fixing I don't know what's better here. Marv getting electrocuted in Home Alone 2 which is a must see classic or the bigrefro trying to...

The Greatest Zip Line Nut Shot Ever We filmed this video 7 years ago now and it was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. We couldn't stop laughing...